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In Western Kenya lives a lady named Joyce Mbwaga. She is a trained nurse and a pioneer providing a service for two villages. Joyce’s husband, Adan is the head teacher of a local primary school.
Computers 4 Africa was contacted by a long-time friend of Joyce and Adan's; who had previously sponsored her clinic with basic equipment. Computers 4 Africa was able to provide Joyce with a laptop. This would help with keeping records at the clinic, replacing a ledger which at the time had held all the records.  Adan could also use it for his school records. This laptop reached Joyce and Adan in June 2011 and since then, it has made a massive impact on the community.
As Joyce uses the laptop to record all her medical data, shortly after receiving the laptop she started keeping records of measles in the community. Measles, although a treatable disease, can be fatal in impoverished areas where vaccines are not readily available. With the aid of the new laptop, Joyce was able to determine the origin and extent of the outbreak, and the direction in which it was spreading. As a result she managed to stop the outbreak in its tracks thus saving many people’s lives and restoring the health of the two villages under Joyce’s care.
A few months later, a similar incident happened with Typhoid.
If this isn’t exciting enough, through the internet Joyce is able to share her research with other medical clinics. With the help of donated IT equipment, the clinics are able to join together in the fight for healthier communities.
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