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Working with a brand new partner Computers 4 Africa has been able to supply 200 PC’s to a region
with a very low IT presence. In Beau, Cameroon less than 5% of secondary schools have computers and
numbers are even lower in primary schools. With the help of HINT international, a Cameroonian
charity who work to improve social and economic wellbeing, seven new school IT labs have been set up.

“Computers are still a rare commodity in most of Africa and so even a used PC goes a long way in enhancing education. With introduction of IT in schools, we hope to gradually shift from the traditional chalk-and-board teaching method to computer-and-projector method or to strike a reasonable balance between both. We are hoping that this is just the beginning of a long term partnership that will impact thousands and millions of students and teachers in Cameroon. I managed to achieve ICT Diploma & brought me to a new world of technology. My life has changed in terms of performance & income. I have high confidence in teaching others in the community. Many Tanzanians need to be educated on computer technology. In order to achieve this, we need enough computersGenesis Tinshu, CEO of HINT

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