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Peter Kamau Kanini born on 14.05. 1989 the second of five children. Peter attended school and graduated, with a C in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

The Challenge:

Peter’s passion was in computers but he lacked the funds and his mother (a single parent) could not afford to put him through the training. Although she worked tirelessly at the local ballast quarry, the work was poorly paid and intermittent and often she couldn’t make ends meet. She struggled to put Peter and his brothers through secondary school and the family did not always have enough food to eat.

Our Help:

With the help of both a sponsorship and IT equipment from Computers 4 Africa; Peter attended AIC Naivasha Polytechnic where he completed an IT training course. Within three months Peter had a teaching job at Branden Junior School as a IT teacher. The students ages range between seven to 13 years old. Peter earns Kshs. 7,000 a month, the equivalent of £52.90 per month.

The Results:

The IT training sponsored by Computers 4 Africa has broken the poverty cycle for Peter and his family. As an employed teacher Peter is able to support his mother financially. The family eat three meals a day and have sufficient money for school materials for Peter’s younger brothers.

Since being employed my mum and brothers have never gone without food again. I am very hopeful for the future and I want to run my own business providing a variety of I.T. services. I want to take full responsibility for the family so my mum does not have to do the demanding physical work of the mines. “I never even imagined that, for the first time, someone can rely on me… I want to thank Computers 4 Africa for what they’ve done in my life,”Peter Kanini

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