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Reuse and recycling can often be confused but they are in fact quite different. Recycling is the stripping of an item into useful parts and creating them into something new, whereas reusing is simply extending the life of an item.  Computers 4 Africa is a Reuse charity. We believe is it more ethically sound to reuse IT than simply recycle it. We want to see less waste go to landfill and reusing working computers can be 20 times more energy efficient than recycling them

A desktop computer requires 240kg of fossil fuels, 22kg of chemicals and 1,500kg of water to produce. Reuse dramatically reduces this environmental impact.

Our team of technical experts make the most of all working equipment, they can refurbish machines to an excellent standard. Any equipment which is nonworking or unsuitable for Africa is recycled using a certified UK firm (check out our certifications here). We have launched a programme where we can sponsor the responsible end of life recycling this will led to recycling on a like-for-like basis.

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