Accepted Equipment

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PC’s or Laptops

Working equipment: 

Dual Core - 2GHz standard or better & less than 8 years old ( suitable for Window 7 as the operating system)


Working equipment: 

TFT Flatscreen




Power leads (for PC’s, Monitors, Laptops)

Other Accepted Equipment

Tablets complete with charger

Smart phones complete with charger


Operating System CD's

SATA Hard disks greater than 80GB CDROM/DVD ROM Drives CD Writers Multimedia cards.

Please supply bios/ hard disk passwords to enable us to reset / wipe any pre-configured administrator rights and permissions.

Unfortunately it is not possible to repurpose;

PC's - Pentium IV or single core processor.

Printers or scanners – parts & toners are not accessible and costly in the countries that generally receive our equipment.

Servers – lack of demand and are often large and costly to send.

CRT Monitors.

We may ask in certain circumstances for the donor to contribute towards the collection and recycling costs, this will depend on the quantity and size of the equipment.

Any equipment that cannot be repurposed overseas will be resold or recycled with proceeds going back into the charity.

We assume full legal liability for equipment we receive and are compliant with the WEEE directive, Environment Agency and Data Protection Act.

Contact us if you have working equipment not listed above or for further information