Kent Environmental Charity Moves Into Senegal


Kent Environmental Charity Moves Into Senegal

Computers 4 Africa (Kent’s Environmental Charity for 2015) has just seen the departure of their first shipping container to Senegal.

The container loading was overseen by Brahima Konare (our In-Country Partner – photo included) with IT equipment (including 671 PC’s and laptops - these will go to supply schools in the area and the plan is to have these distributed before the end of term): in addition to a variety of clothes and toys, which will go directly to a school and orphanage.

Having shipped to over 21 countries across Africa there is real excitement to add to this total. The repurposed equipment which is sent out is donated from all sectors in the UK, including educational establishments, organisations and businesses. We are especially grateful to members of the BITC (Business in the Community) who are some of our regular donors; these include Barclays, Kingfisher and Tesco. Working in partnership with Computers 4 Africa benefits organisations in the UK, as compliance with the WEEE directive, Environment Agency & Data Protection is met, free secure data wiping is supplied & as a Carbon Neutral Organisation we help decrease your carbon footprint.

We are very excited to be sending our first container of computers to Senegal. We hope that this will be the first of many, making computers available to communities who might otherwise not have access to IT.” Rob Schutz -Business Development Manager

During the first year there will be 16,104 students in Dakar, Senegal who will be using a PC for the first time – from something that is essentially seen as rubbish in the UK

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