The Repurposed Shipping Container With Three Lives

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Right Way Primary School in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, has benefitted from one of the first ‘Shipping Container  Classrooms’.

Before the arrival of the container the school didn’t have any computers so this was a great introduction to IT. A selfcontained secure space was created from a shipping container, once equipt with all the necessary items the school was able to timetable IT as a subject  giving the students access to IT as a subject from a young age.

The school authorities recognised how many additional opportunites were available to both the school and the students and set about the building of an intergal IT Lab. This process took several years but the Lab is now created and fitted out with additonal computers. Right Way School are seeing an increase in the number of students wanting to attend and the level of achievement increasing as the students are access IT earlier in their education.

The shipping container has now been repurposed and is on its 3rd life, as it is now being used for a community sewing project where amongst other things new school uniforms are made for the students. This reuse is having a positive impact on the local business and providing job opportunities.





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