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We have been sending IT equipment to Sierra Leone for over 12 years; supporting educational projects and schools across the country, including Freetown. The news coming from the capital this week is devastating with mudslides and floods claiming 100’s of lives with 1,000’s misplaced.

There will be many charitable appeals with calls to action for many things, some for the immediate needs and others as part of the future rebuild.  This is where we come in and you can help!

We are looking for donations of 100’s of redundant working laptops, smart phones, tablets, PC’s etc. which we will be securely data wiped (for more info ) and refurbished before shipping out to schools and colleges in Sierra Leone.

Who do you know who has quantities of IT equipment they could donate – your business, work place, school or college, your local community?

By providing IT resources educational opportunities are both created and improved upon – we have seen many examples where this is the case.

 "...let us collectively put strategies in place to ensure this NEVER happens again".

For more information or to arrange a free collection (t&c’s apply) call 03000 11 22 33 or email   

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