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Standard Terms & Conditions for Beneficiaries
When applying to Computers 4 Africa for ICT equipment, it is important that you agree to our Terms and
Conditions detailed below by signing the application form.

Throughout this document, “The Applicant” is the person or organisation directly responsible for the application to
Computers 4 Africa. “The Beneficiary” is the organisation which will eventually make use of the equipment (i.e. where the
computers will eventually be deployed).

All applications will be considered on their individual merits, alongside Computers 4 Africa’s own goals and procedures,
some applications may not be successful.
1. Applicant/beneficiary accepts responsibility to pay Computers 4 Africa for computer equipment prior to dispatch (or
according to the payment terms).
2. Provision of equipment is subject to availability. Computers 4 Africa reserves the right to allocate computers within
category of equipment (type, processor or manufacturer will be allocated based on available equipment).
3. The applicant and beneficiary are responsible, either directly or through an intermediary/partner, for collection from
the designated in-country place of storage in a respective country.
4. Computers cannot be supplied to commercial organisations.
5. The beneficiary agrees to leave the Computers 4 Africa labels on the equipment.
6. The beneficiary agrees to provide feedback/news including location, address, contact details and photos as soon as
7. The beneficiary agrees to reference Computers 4 Africa on their website (both as a news item and as a UK link).
8. The beneficiary must use the computers as part of a non-commercial organisation. The computers are not to be
resold without the permission of Computers 4 Africa.
9. The beneficiary organisation must work in health, education or community development. Computers 4 Africa will
have some discretion in this area.
10. It is in the best interest of the beneficiary to have appropriate facilities (including power and a suitable secure
building) and have access to skilled personnel with adequate training.
11. Computers 4 Africa reserves the right to visit the beneficiary organisation(s) in order to evaluate the effectiveness of
the provision of IT and the success of the project.
12. We encourage all beneficiaries to dispose of their IT equipment responsibly taking into account government
legislation about WEEE disposal and the impact on the environment.